100 Balloons Capture a Fresh Perspective on #OCCUPYWALLSTREET

As thousands descended on Wall Street in a mass protest, another type of grassroots movement was at work: Grassroots Mapping. On October 1st, a small team set about the task of documenting the protests, not from the ground, but from the air. A small team, led by Oscar Brett, Zach Postone, Yaeir Heber, and Anjali Cadambi, used 100 helium balloons, some twine, and a digital camera to catch a different perspective of the action. The group, inspired by the organization at grassrootsmapping.org, led a colorful, artistic collaboration to suspend the camera high above the protest throughout the day.

From the team:

The project was inspired by Grassroots Mapping – a group that uses accessible technology such as balloons and kites for community-based mapping projects around the world. With the mainstream media focused on today’s arrests and clashes with police, the DIY rig was able to capture the massive crowds streaming in solidarity from Liberty Plaza to Brooklyn. The large bundle of multicolored balloons hovering above the crowd was well received by demonstrators and police alike – and despite some tangled lines and gusty winds, returned to report back with these initial photos.

After processing, the hope to stitch the entire set into a large-scale photographic map. We wish them the best of luck and love to hear their story, bringing digital technologies to new ‘heights’ and changing the way we see the world. Great job guys.

Check out more Grassroots Mapping at GrassrootsMapping.org.

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