Revised Waffle Definition

LMU waffle

The definition is revised and updated for the latest grasshopper version. We highly recommend going over the waffle definition tutorials because there are core ideas to learn from that definition. However, feel free to grab this one.

download here (version 0.8.0008) : waffle.ghx

(right click and click save link…)

The definition comes with no notes.

Feel free to comment or ask questions.

4 Responses to Revised Waffle Definition

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  2. Wade says:

    OK, I got it now DivDist…!

    Bake labels, I looked around around for this but, nothing seem to work so, still could use reply on this.


  3. Wade says:

    thanks for the def, I understand everything except, the logic behind the number of structures A and B.
    any help would be great.
    A cut and B cut labels don’t seem to bake for cutting labels.

    Thanks, Wade

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