mission statement:

digital toolbox is a website that investigates and educates on the use of tools in architecture.

As technologies change, tools change. Over the history of the discipline, architects have used pencils and pens, trace and vellum, ruler and compass. With each of these tools came a history of technique: how to use them, what value each had, and when not to use them.

Today, many parts of the design process use the computer as a tool for design, analysis, and production. This is not simply good or bad, but another tool in the toolbox that must be treated like any other. As we use these new tools, we must decide what their proper uses are, what value they have, and, maybe most importantly, when not to use them.

We saw the need for education with digital tools in school and in practice. In 2009, we created digital toolbox as a venue for education, discourse, and experimentation in digital craft for architects of all levels. We maintain the resources for learning, but encourage a larger discussion for theory and ideas about architecture’s techniques and craft in the digital realm. Visitors are encouraged to question and explore, not simply take at face value, and add a new point of view to the table.



  • workshops fall 2009 – spring 2010

    emergency shelter winter 2009 – summer 2010

    design village spring 2009

    web design fall 2007 – present

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