cull and curve on surface

recreating shigeru ban’s japan pavilion, from the expo 2000 hannover, germany. This is similiar to a diagrid, however instead of it being faceted, it is smooth continuous curve based on the surface. this definiton is continued from the explode and divide tutorial


  • cull pattern
  • curve on surface

4 Responses to cull and curve on surface

  1. Ashley says:

    I have the same problem using 0.8. However, when I connected the Flatten Tree icon into the uv output, it just made a swirly pattern…

    I think the problem is that I am not getting the same data out of the uv output.

    What can I do?

  2. António Carvalho says:

    When I insert the command divide surface, I don’t have the correct 4 items. because of this i can’t make the exercise correctely. My version of grasshopper is the .8 and maybe its because of it…

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