fillet diagrid

here we create a different diagrid. refer back to the cull and curve on surface tutorial to recall hot to use cull pattern, since in this tutorial we use them alot


  • plane 3pt
  • offset
  • curve curve intersection
  • fillet
  • planar surface
  • boolean difference

6 Responses to fillet diagrid

  1. chopsuey says:

    Thanks for the exercise!

    I think because of the newer version of GH I had to do some adaptations.

    00:00 On “Divide Domain” I had to rightclick & set to “shortest list” otherwise the last row of my panels got messed up.

    06:25 Instead of “solid difference” I used “region difference” and after that I attached the “Planar surface” instead of before.

  2. Sam says:

    It seems weird, but if you substitute offset component with an offset loose (curve version) component then this tutorial works.

  3. Iain Blampied says:


    With the latest version of grasshopper the problem seems to be with the offset, both the lines go in the same direction and not inwards, therefore creating nothing to intersect…. Is this a simple fix? I cant seem to get my head around it.



  4. António Carvalho says:


    I have some problems to make this exercise. I follow every step and at the end i did not success to make the correct intersection of the 2 planes.
    As an option, I decided to conect the 6 points of our final plane but I just have the correct exercise if i don’t make the fillet… I don’t understand why…

    I also think that this grid just work with symple forms, because with more organic shapes the continuity of the diferent lines is not good.

    • tam says:

      again this tutorial is made with an old grasshopper version, we have not updated every definition to match with the latest grasshopper version, but the core ideas are there, Good Luck

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