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here we add text tags so we know how to reconstruct our waffle once we fabricate them.

An updated version of the waffle definition has been made for grasshopper version 0.8.0008 download here: waffle.ghx
(right click and click save link…)

8 Responses to waffle 7/7

  1. Thanks for these tutorials, which have been really useful.
    I now have a completed definition that work for lastest grasshopper.
    I also had some problem with waffling polysurfaces with flat bottoms but adapted code for this a gave it all a little tweak (badly i’m sure).
    Added a slider to adjust the slot height for those difficult shapes

    More than happy to upload my two definitions for all to have, let’s face it without your site and tutorials neither would exsist

    • tam says:

      Please email us the definition and I will look over it, and if all looks good, I will upload your version updates with your approval. Thank you watching.

  2. kit smithson says:

    Thankyou for all the tutorials, very helpful!

  3. Wade says:

    after several attempts, it works on the latest GH 8.011. a few small tweaks and good to go.
    I ran some basic solid primitives out of rhino just to check function, all waffled as predicted, only some failed
    to deliver all of the parts. They show up as items on the solid selection. just not on the 2d surface planes.
    I tried to figure it out but, no success.

    if you have ideas as to why, feel free to contact me.

    Thanks for all your help and tutorials.

  4. Rafa says:

    Awesome tutorial. Worked pretty fine, thought some changes were nedeed to matched current version of GH, but thanks a lot for the info.

  5. António Carvalho says:

    When I put the Item list, just before the brep area, it gives me one of the curves as a closed curve instead of a closed planar curve. i think it’s because of this that I have some problems with the text numbers…
    How can I fix this problem?

  6. yahia mito says:

    awesome tutorial , really amazing :) :)

    sadly grasshopper definition didn’t work with me :( i’m getting an error in part 4 “solid difference ”
    i’m getting runtime error Boolean difference operation failed
    could you please send me the definition to work on it :)

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