range and function

creating a sine curve through the use of a range. then controling the curve with a multi variable function


  • range
  • interval
  • function

8 Responses to range and function

  1. Armano says:

    thanks for this tut, very helpfull

  2. Ethan says:

    Thanks both to those who made this tutorial and to those who keep it updated!

  3. Drosseros says:

    sets > sequence > range…

  4. kristof says:

    domain is sth different from range, just double click and type in range will get u the parameter

  5. Weston7590 says:

    @Fernando – Interval is called ‘domain’ in the newer versions. It’s found under: Math – Domain – Domain

  6. Fernando says:

    I downloaded Grasshoper from the main site and dont have the same tabs. I have Params Math Sets Vector Curve Surface Mesh Intersect and Transform. I couldnt find interval under scalar, I dont have it, any ideas?

    • tam says:

      The tutorial was done in version 0.6. So you will have to search for the button. You can double click on the canvas and type in the buttons name to search for the button. It may have been moved to a new location. Or re-download the latest version and reinstall.

  7. Dana Buscaglia says:

    I could not get beyond the equation part. Is this type of math needed for this program?

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