grasshopper intermediate

conditional statements

conditional statements buttons in grasshopper

using conditions to define your defintion

range vs series

range and series output

using interval to enhance the range and series


space frame

create a space frame

text tag 3d

text on panelized surface

label objects for fabrication



knowing 4 different splines


shattered curves

split a curve using points

interval box


creating studs

series and interpolate curve

cycloid vault arc

recreate louis kahn’s cycloid vault

4pt surface

panelized surface

panelize a surface

offset and scale


create tabs

quick perimeter block housing

instant perimeter block housing

orient objects onto a surface

move and loft

range and function

create a surface by lofting

list item

faceted structure

create a faceted structure


oriented objects on a surface

orient objects onto a surface

vertical louvers

a manipulated surfaces

create vertical louvers and rotate them

staircase from stringer

staircase from a stringer curve

create a quick staircase from a single line

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