move and loft

lofting lines to create a surface. refer to range and function tutorial to create the sine curve


  • move
  • line
  • loft

4 Responses to move and loft

  1. kenneth y says:

    should be a formula similar to z*sin(x*y)

  2. asaf says:

    hye guys
    i was wondering what is the f3 wave input…. what is the formula. i cant figure it out.,
    many thanks for your help
    keep on the good interesting work.

  3. deniz says:

    there is no sin button with that 4 parameters to define in the latest version. Can you please help to me? Because i tried to write down the sin function by manually with a tree variabled fx function but it did not work either because there is no predefined sin in the fx buttons options too. Please update your tutorials for the people who use the lates versions. I think that is an urgent issue.

  4. Matias Reis says:

    ANd what if of instead of lofting, we wanted to add rectagular boxes, or pipes??

    And instead of having 2 curves, we had more curves?

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