offset and scale

here we create tabs so we can assemble them after it has been laser cut. this definition was originally created by designalyze, however when upgraded to grasshopper 0.6, the definition did not work correctly, so here we are creating the definition so it does work. also we eliminated a lot of buttons from the original definition. refer back to the text tag 3d tutorial to learn how to input text onto your surfaces


  • offset
  • scale

4 Responses to offset and scale

  1. G.P says:

    I’m also having issue with the list.
    I tried putting the list item just aftger the Brep Components.
    But it’s still not working.

    (for those who may also have this issue, this is what I did, and it worked for me on the newer version GH.)
    What I did was:
    -after Brep Components, I put the 3 items indexing 0,1, and 2 respectively.
    -then I put in the offset, the evaluate length and scale as per the tutorial.
    -after that, use the end point function to get all the endpoint from the scaled lines.
    -then, for each start point and end point: list length then use the subset (with series asnd domain) to divide the list of data into 0,1,2, 0, 1, 2…..
    - then, I can use the item to seperate out the 0, 1, 2, list as per the tutorial.
    - after that, the rest follow as what is in the tutorial.

    hope this helps.

  2. Choco Choc says:


    I’ve seen there were some version issues etc…so I thought you might already know about the problem I’m experiencing :

    When the time comes to offset, no matter what I do, the offsets go here and there….when I delete a face the others are influenced and their offsets change…

    So I offset in both directions, and chose the offset that was the closest or not depending on what I want, but there also it didn’t work…sometimes it keeps an interior offset + 2 exterior ones, then when I move the face it switches places etc….

    Do you have any solutions ?

    Thank you

  3. António Carvalho says:

    I follow your exercise and at the moment where I have to put the List Item just after the end points the programe didn’t recognise the 3 diferent lines. I don’t know why but if I put the offset distance to zero then he recognise the different lines. I experiment to put the List Item just after the Brep Components and it worked.

    Thanks for the exercises!

    • tam says:

      It may be that I made the tutorial when it was grasshopper 0.6, but I am glad you figured it out. Thank you for posting the tip for future viewers.

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