series and interpolate curve

here we do a case study on louis kahn’s cycloid vault, with the emphasis on the series button. in this tutorial and on (for the intermediate column), we are using grasshopper 0.6. if you are using grasshopper 0.5 the definition should work fine; however the new buttons such as receiver will not be available to you. also the expression buttons are located in the scalar panel, while version 0.6 is located in the logic panel


  • series
  • rotate
  • interpolate curve (intCrv)
  • receivers
  • formating expressions

2 Responses to series and interpolate curve

  1. AARON says:

    You need to slow down and explain rather than just rush through like that. We dont gain anything by just watching you do what you know.

  2. Ala says:

    Dear Digital Toolbox Admins

    I would like to thank you for your helpful tutorials. great job.
    I have a question regarding a format functions. your command is like this, format(“Height (feet): (0),2*x)
    this function is not working for me. even I have tried format(2*x) and answers as Null
    and second question is I understood the logic of the command but may I know what is “(0)” for?
    Thanks in advance :)

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