this is a great example of using old definitions to create something new. please refer back the range vs series, evaluate surface, explode and divide, and list item tutorials to create the space frame in this tutorial. also this defintion works with any lofted surface or curves that you want to loft in grasshopper. remember to clear the values before setting any curves or surfaces. this tutorial emphasizes on the sublist button and nested series to create lines. check out our space frame


  • endpoint
  • poly line
  • join curves
  • sublist
  • nested series

3 Responses to Sublist

  1. Apoorva Singal says:

    Thanxs a lot for your efforts!!!

  2. Henry says:

    I have a question, while making the last set of polylines(in the U direction), We used a List item, then a series.. In that series the inputs to N and C were both the V slider.. But if we change the value of the U slider in that case the polyline wont be complete.
    Shouldn’t the inputs be U slider for C, and V slider for N??
    Thanks, and hope you get my question…

    • Ali Q says:

      Hello Henry,
      Please consult this reference:

      The order of points in the list of say (V=3, U=5 in the reference example) starts from ZERO and proceeds in increments of ONE until it reaches FOURTEEN.

      In this list of points, you should observe 3 series as highlighted by the red boxes.

      Series 1 can be described as S = 0, N = 3, and C = 5
      Series 2 can be described as S = 1, N = 3, and C = 5
      Series 3 can be described as S = 2, N = 3, and C = 5

      Now S is a series in and of itself and can be described as S = 0, N = 1, and C = 3.

      So to generalize this example,
      The series that should connect to the list button can be described as:
      S = {NESTED SERIES: S = 0, N = 1, C = V value)
      N = V value
      C = U value

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