here we create a section or plan view. i forgot to mention why we need to save it in the beginning in this tutorial but i will explain it here. after you create one section, you should "save as" a different file, after that you must reopen the file you saved before you sectioned it so you can create different section or floor plans


  • section
  • cutplane
  • make2D

5 Responses to section

  1. Kameron says:

    I actually use the Make2d command for my sections and floorplans, That way you get the lines that are beyond whatever cut you are making and can lineweight them later. Great tutorials on here though thank you for your service!

  2. Fani says:

    Great!but how can we create the section from a mesh surface?

    • Gianluca says:

      Fani, you can try by selecting the mesh and digit “MeshtoNURB”.. then proceed as usual, but you probably have to clean the lines a bit…

  3. Simo says:

    Thank you! Really great work.

  4. Milky says:

    Great lesson! Great site! Keep goin on!
    Thank you guys!

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